What is Live Casino?

Live casino is a new online gambling trend, a way to play table games with real people without the need for physical casinos. It works thanks to HD video streaming and specialised technology that converts actions into data for your screen. This is how you can see card symbols, roulette numbers and dice combinations being produced by a dealer as they’re happening. This information is processed by special cameras that can recognise objects and characters, and then convert them into a digital form. This data is instantly transmitted to your computer screen and is the basis of your gameplay.

This is a hugely popular feature and can be found at all top gambling sites, including the UK’s best live casino sites. There are many benefits to playing this type of game, and you can also use it as a training tool. It is important to remember that you must deposit real money in order to play, and if you don’t manage your bankroll wisely you can easily get caught out. That’s why you should always check your internet bandwidth before you start, and make sure it can support a live casino game.

The technical implementation of live casino isn’t rocket science – the studio is equipped with tables and other equipment, plus several cameras that shoot from different angles. One camera tapes the wide shot of the dealer and the gambler, while others record the action from the close up or other aspects of a particular game. For example, a roulette game requires recording from several angles so that you can view the ball spinning on the wheel from different views.

A typical live casino solution consists of well-known table games that you’ll find in every land-based casino, as well as some special additions created by the provider. Usually, the portfolio includes the golden trio of blackjack, roulette and baccarat, poker and some wheels of fortune and custom games.

As the demand for this type of gameplay has increased, the industry is developing a whole host of additional elements to increase player engagement and satisfaction. For example, some live dealer games now include leaderboards to enable players to compete with their friends and other players. Gamification can have a huge impact on players, from casual gamers looking for a little fun to hardcore competitive players seeking something challenging.

The main element of live casino that makes it so engaging is the fact that it is real, with live dealers in a live setting. This makes the games much more authentic and immersive than their digital counterparts. In addition, the fact that you can communicate with a live dealer or croupier during the game can enhance the experience even further. This is a powerful tool for engaging and entertaining players, and one that’s set to become increasingly popular in the future.